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Handling Tech Problems

Common Tech Problems

what to do when clicking on file in Bb

Give the following instructions: "Three things can happen when you click on a file in Bb - you either 1) open directly in the browser, 2) open up by launching the associated program (e.g., Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word), or 3) be automatically downloaded and saved to a designated folder on your computer. (In this last instance, in may appear as if nothing happened. Check the desktop for the file. If it is not there, you may have to conduct a search by document name to determine where your computer saved the document.)"

file format compatibility

Use the common formats: rft, jpg, html, pdf (see conversion programs in Tools and Links) or have students install Word Viewer or PowerPoint Viewer (to view without the programs). For compatibility problems with newer version of Word or PowerPoint or other problems, install the MS Compatibility Pack .

plugins needed Put a page with common browser plug-in links within your course (see the sidebar in Browsers and Plugins)
popups, viruses Tell students to turn off any popup blockers (these can exist in multiple programs such as their browser and their anti-virus program). Tell your students to get an antivirus programs and make sure it is configured correctly.
large file sizes (especially PP) See Content sidebar
student's ISP goes down Tell them to call their service and assure them it is not the district's server at fault. Suggest they use another computer with a different ISP temporarily (Tech Mall at Cuyamaca).
Bb login Post this link for your students:
Bb Passwords How an instructor can change student's Bb Password:
Bb test crashes Clear the attempts and allow a second attempt (or any retake options stated in your syllabus). Tell them to be sure not to click the wrong buttons (or keyboard keys) when taking the test and not to have multiple open programs when taking the test. [Students answers to a crashed test cannot be saved unless you open/view their crashed test and manually count the correct answers]
Last Updated: 09/18/2014
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