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Academic Senate
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Academic Senate (AS) Meetings

Meeting Frequency: 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month
Meeting Time: 2:00pm-3:45pm
Meeting Location: E-106


Date Agendas Minutes Documents


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/12/2019 Agenda Curriculum December Packet
Proposed Faculty Hiring Prioritization Committee Charge
Proposed Classified Hiring Prioritization Committee Charge
Annual Integrated Planning Calendar
11/21/2019 Agenda Curriculum December Board Packet Items
ASCCC Fall 2019 Resolutions
11/14/2019 Agenda Minutes Study Abroad Faculty Recruit MADRID
Proposed Transfer Center Model
Cuyamaca Curriculum November Board Packet
OTLC: Update and Evaluation Kit Info
10/24/2019 Agenda Minutes ROC Charge Update
Instructional Program Review Annual Update Review Guide
Instructional Program Review Annual Update Template
Student Services and Administrative Comprehensive Template
Student Services & Administrative PR Evaluation Guide
November Curriculum Board Packet
10/10/2019 Agenda Minutes November Curriculum Board Packet
Proposed SSEC Composition change
Proposed change to AS Constitution and Bylaws
Workforce Development Charge and Composition
09/26/2019 Agenda Minutes SSEC Charge and Composition
Facilities Update
IEC Charge and Composition
09/12/2019 Agenda Minutes IEC Charge
Facilities Master Plan Update
Facilities Master Plan Map
Professional Development Committee Charge
2019-2020 Faculty Position Request
08/29/2019 Agenda Minutes GCCCD Climate Change Science Resolution June 2019
Professional Development Committee Charge
2019-2020 Faculty Position Request Ranking
08/15/2019 Agenda VC Hancock Presentation
Chancellor Presentation
05/23/2019 Agenda Minutes 2019/2020 Classified Position Request List
Online Teaching and Learning Committee Charge Draft
Guide Best Practices Online Teaching Draft
CVC-OEI Course Design Rubric
Technology Request Presentation
Annual Planning Retreat Report
Accreditation Quality Focus Essay
College Hour 2019-2020
Student Equity Plan
05/09/2019 Agenda Minutes May Curriculum Board Packet
Cultural Diversity Graduation Requirement
Online Teaching & Learning Committee Charge
Online Teaching Best Practices
2019 College Technology Summary
SP19 Annual Planning Retreat Report
2019-2020 College Hour
04/25/2019 Agenda Minutes Facilities Sustainability Planning Committee (see 4/11 docs)
CC Academic and Career Pathways (See 4/11 docs)
Career Center Model (see 4/11 docs)
ILO Recommendations (see 4/11 docs)
ILO/ACCJC Crosswalk (see 4/11 docs)
May 2019 Curriculum Board Packet
Diversity Graduation Requirement
Web Redesign Presentation
04/11/2019 Agenda Minutes Facilities Sustainability Planning Committee Charge changes
CC Academic and Career Pathways
Career Center Model
CC ILO Crosswalk with ACCJC
ILO Recommendations
IEPI Institutional Effectiveness Plan
ILO Survey Action Plan
03/28/2019 Canceled due to Spring Break
03/14/2019 Agenda Minutes CC Academic and Career Pathways
Curriculum Board Packet
Vision for Success College Goals Crosswalk
Facilities/Sustainability Planning Charge Update
CC Academic and Career Pathways (Metamajors)
CC Metamajor Student Survey
02/28/2019 Agenda Minutes Cuyamaca College Curriculum March 2019 Board Packet Items
Vision For Success CCCCO Memo
Vision For Success Crosswalk
CC Research Guidelines
Guided Pathways: Implementation
02/14/2019 Agenda Minutes AP 4230 Review
ES-19-01 Excuse Withdraw Guidelines
01/24/2019 Agenda Joint Academic Senate Meeting
Technology Updates: Chris Tarman
Grossmont-Cuyamaca College Promise: Myra Lomahan
SCFunding Formula: Sean Hancock
State of the District: Chancellor Miles


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/13/2018 Agenda Minutes 12-13-2018 Minutes Draft
11/29/2018 Agenda Minutes Cuyamaca College December Curriculum
SSEC Composition Final
PRSC Charge Fall 2018
IE Council Charge Fall 2018
11/08/2018 Agenda Minutes Fall 2018 Facilities Update
Nesta Emeritus Status
Guided Pathways Steering Committee Charge
Umoja Scholars
Student Success & Equity Council Charge
Program Review Steering Committee Charge
Institutional Effectiveness Council Charge
10/25/2018 Agenda Minutes Draft- Cuyamaca College Curriculum November 2018 Board Packet Items
Curriculum Gen-Ed and Academic Policies and Procedures Committee F18 Update
Deactivation Process
2019-2020 Academic Calendar
2020-2021 Academic Calendar
Guided Pathways Steering Committee Charge F2018
10/11/2018 Agenda Minutes Faculty Position Request Form 2018-19
Dual Enrollment Handbook
Draft: Cuyamaca College November 2018 Board Packet Items
Curriculum, General Education and Academic Policies and Procedures Committee Update
Deactivation Process
2019-2020 Academic Calendar
2020-2021 Academic Calendar
09/27/2018 Agenda Minutes AS Cuyamaca Resolution Sept13
Instructional Annual Template
Faculty Position Request Form 2018-19
2018-19 Classified Position Request Form
Dual Enrollment Handbook 9-4-18
R10 Articulation Council Response to New ASSIST Updates Group V7 180910
Draft - Cuyamaca College Curriculum November 2018 Board Packet Items
09/13/2018 Agenda Minutes AS-Cuyamaca Resolution-Aug28
DRAFT-Instructional Annual Template
DRAFT-Instructional Comp Review Template
CCCCharge Updated
2018-19 Faculty Rubric
08/30/2018 Agenda Minutes During 5th week due to 1st week of class in 4th week
Faculty Rubric
08/16/2018 Agenda Joint Academic Senate meeting
05/24/2018 Agenda Minutes Campus-Security-Philosophy-Final
05/10/2018 Agenda Minutes Annual Update Template- Edited
Current Annual Update Template
2018/19 College Hour
2018 May Curriculum Packet
Technology Rankings
FAQ Staffing Prioritization
Staffing Priorities Rationale
Governance Restructure Update
04/26/2018 Agenda Minutes New-Employee-First-Year-Experience-Proposal-3-12-18
Draft Curriculum Board Packet
04/12/2018 Agenda
03/22/2018 Agenda Minutes Camera Placement Procedure-draft
Camera Survey Data
03/08/2018 Agenda Minutes
02/22/2018 Agenda Minutes Cuyamaca-College-Curriculum-March-2018-Board-Packet-Items
02/08/2018 Agenda Minutes


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/14/2017 Agenda Minutes PT-Committee-Pay
11/30/2017 Agenda Minutes 2017-12-Board-Packet
11/09/2017 Agenda Minutes Compressed-Calendar-Summary
10/26/2017 Agenda Minutes
10/12/2017 Agenda Minutes Cuyamaca-College-Compressed-Calendar-Draft-Sample
09/28/2017 Agenda Minutes
09/14/2017 Agenda Minutes professional-development-plan-2017-22
08/24/2017 Agenda Minutes
05/11/2017 Agenda Minutes
04/27/2017 Agenda Minutes
04/13/2017 Agenda Minutes
03/23/2017 Agenda Minutes
03/09/2017 Agenda Minutes GovBoard Resolution 17-009
March 2017 Board Curriculum Packet
02/23/2017 Agenda Minutes Dual Enrollment Handbook Ver4
02/09/2017 Agenda Minutes


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/08/2016 Agenda Minutes
11/10/2016 Agenda Minutes
10/27/2016 Agenda Minutes
10/13/2016 Agenda Minutes
09/22/2016 Agenda Minutes
09/08/2016 Agenda Minutes
08/25/2016 Agenda Minutes
05/12/2016 Agenda Minutes
04/28/2016 Agenda Minutes
04/14/2016 Agenda Minutes
03/10/2016 Agenda Minutes
02/25/2016 Agenda Minutes
02/11/2016 Agenda Minutes
01/28/2016 Agenda Minutes


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/10/2015 Agenda
11/12/2015 Agenda Minutes
10/22/2015 Agenda Minutes
10/08/2015 Agenda Minutes
09/24/2015 Agenda Minutes
09/10/2015 Agenda Minutes
08/27/2015 Agenda Minutes
08/13/2015 Joint Academic Senate
05/14/2015 Agenda
04/23/2015 Agenda Minutes
04/09/2015 Agenda Minutes
03/12/2015 Agenda Minutes
02/26/2015 Agenda Minutes
02/12/2015 Agenda Minutes
01/29/2015 Agenda Minutes

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